Decide whether to participate as a SINGLE warrior or as a TEAM. Choose your X race, LITE or FULL, as the toughest among you will compete as TITAN, racing both, the LITE and the FULL course. Finally, decide if you want to compete as a COMPETITIVE warrior, timed, judged, ranked and classified, or if you want to participate as a NOT COMPETITIVE warrior timed and for your fun and team spirit, listed in alphabetic order to assess yourselves compared to others, over all and within your age group (male/female).



First 100 Warriors40 €60 €90 €
101 – 400 Warriors45 €70 €100 €
400+++ Warriors50 €80 €110 €
On race day+10 €+10 €+10 €
COMPETITIVE +5 € +10 € +15 €

Entry fee includes: Start Number Headband, Chip Timing, Finisher Medal, Finisher Shirt, Recovery Area, Nutrition on Courses, Showers on site, Bag Drop Off, Samples by Sponsors, Medical Support on Race Day. Registrations are just possible with the minimum age of 18!

RED marked positions are already SOLD OUT, so next price category counts!

Processing fee: +0,75 € + 6% plus incasso fee in method of payment: credit card 0,6%, PayPal 0,35 €+3,4%, bank transfer 1,00 €. All athletes registering after the closure of the ONLINE registration, finsiher shirts are no more guaranteed, as all orders will be done on the day ONLINE registration will close, even if you are welcome participating, please keep this in mind.

Team Discount

The bigger your team, the bigger your discount. Teams with more than 10 members will be benefitted with 1x PLUS free entry code, teams with more than 25 members will be benefitted with 3x PLUS free entry codes. This Team discount is based on taking part the same race, every Team member.

Team members can be added at any time by entering the exact Team name, paying the current prices and it will be possible to get the start slot all together.

Not competitive Teams can either work together to make sure every member completes the course (carrying team mates if necessary!) or as competitve ones, you can fight it out on your own and being classified within the single race and as well within the team raking (minimum of 4 WARRIORS each Team, at least one female team member).


On eventsite we will ask for your event confirmation: a valid ID, the signed WAIVER, plus in order to the Italian law, as the organizer is affiliated to CSEN, a personal membership card of CSEN. Those athletes, who are not a member of CSEN, could buy a daily license insurance on eventsite for a cost of 5 Euros, cash only!


In order to pick up your race kit, you have to show at least a MEDICAL CERTIFICATE FOR NO AGONISTIC SPORT ACTIVITIES (Italian laws DM 24/04/2016 – DM 24/04/2013, GU 20/07/2013).
Athletes, who have already a VALID CSEN membership card, have to show it at the race office during the race kit pick up.


Withdrawal requests must be received during the following time frames in order to be eligible for a partial refund, until 4 months prior to race day: 50% refund of the entry fee, until 2 months prior to race day: 25% refund of the entry fee, after 2 months to race day: no refund. It is not possible to defer the participation to another athlete, race or year.


Contact Us

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