As a beginner and for amateurs, the OCR X-LITE course with round about 6k+ I 25++ natural obstacles will be the right TRY. For experienced athletes or well-trained amateurs, push yourselves to the max on the OCR X-FULL course with round about 12k+ and 40++ natural obstacles. And who is tough enough, join us for both and become a X WARRIOR TITAN.


Competitive athletes are timed, judged and ranked according to their age group. Competitive Teams (male/female/mixed) will be awarded within the added up result of the first three athletes. It will be not allowed to help each other and failure to complete an obstacle will lead to removal of one competitor’s wristband, as you will start with three.

Not competitive athletes are timed, classified and are allowed to help each other, Not competitive Teams regardless of a minimum/maximum number of participants/gender can either work together or they can fight it out on their own. For those who can’t or won’t pass an obstacle, your choice, there will be no disqualification


First 3 competitive athletes over all (male/female), first 3 competitive athletes (male/female) each age group* and first 3 teams (male/female/mixed) will be awarded within a prize-giving at the X-WARRIOR award ceremony. All prizes must be collected personally on eventsite.

Not competitive athletes will be listed by time in alphabetic order regarding their position over all as well as the position within their age group.

The results of all athletes competitive and not competitive will be published shortly after the race.

*Age groups: 18-20, 21-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60 up.


In order to avoid queues along the course, there will be a rolling start. Competitive athletes each race will have the chance getting first slots. The start list to be published shortly before race day.

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